BotFest 2018

I just noticed that I didn’t post anything about the last competition I went to, called BotFest.  I thought I’d created this blog after that happened, but apparently not.  I have a terrible memory, so sorry about that. When the competition was announced, back in the mists of time, I signed up two robots; Suspicious […]

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The path to 3 dimensions

After cramming the build of two robots, and with no competitions on the immediate horizon (next is probably late September-ish), I should probably be relaxing.  Bob knows I was getting pretty fed up with robots after working on them every night for about 2 weeks, but getting fed up has fuelled the next stage of […]

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What’s going on?

After getting paranoid about constantly replying to my own build thread on robotwars101, I thought I’d better write my meanderings somewhere that feels less like spam.  I guess I now have my own team website.  ish.  go team! So, what’s this all about?  I’ve starting building Antweight (150g) combat robots, for miniature robot battles.  So […]

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